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Re-Wilding Scotland

“Our vision is of a revitalized wild forest in the Highlands of Scotland, providing space for wildlife to flourish and communities to thrive”
“A great forest has been here before but has now gone after centuries of use, depleted until the final old trees decline and fall. Across the Highlands of Scotland, over many centuries, grazing by goats, sheep, cattle and wild deer along with felling for timber and farmland has removed this precious woodland from the hills of Scotland. We need that great forest again – now more than ever''
As a nature photographer in Scotland, I have become more aware of the negative effect of humankind, from littering to de-forestation

I always collect litter from wherever I am photographing, support a number of environmental charities and try to live in a sustainable way

However I feel it is never enough and am always looking for ways I can do more

I discovered a charity called “Trees for Life” and started to learn more about what they are doing and was so impressed that I decided to plant a grove with them
I started with just 6 trees and am regularly buying more, my family and friends also buy trees for my grove.
I have an online grove  webpage, if you like my work and want to add trees to my grove please follow the link above
Iam committed to living in a Sustainable way. As a Nature and Wildlife photographer in Scotland, 

I spend a lot of time in forests photographing the Nature and Wildlife within
I love the time I spend, whether photographing the indigenous wildlife and plants, or just relaxing and listening to the sounds of the birds or the wind in the trees. 
Rewilding Scotland and the wider world is an important step in ensuring the future of Scotland and our planet. 

The natural world gives us so much from the Oxygen we breathe to the food we eat, to medicine which heals us, but also spending time in nature is vital for mental and physical health
We must learn to live in harmony with nature. Our Grove is one step we are taking to give something back. I will donate one tree for every order I get of over £75 and will encourage my customers to also donate to our grove.
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