While I was at the hide photographing sparrowhawks , I was surprised to see this Buzzard , I managed to take a few shots, before he was spooked and flew off


I love birds of prey, so it was a great surprise when my husband treated me to a day at a Sparrowhawk hide, with the opportunity to watch and photograph these beautiful birds close up

Mute Swans

While out for a day at a local Loch, it was amazing to photograph this pair of Swans doing a mating ‘dance’


There seem to be lots of Waxwings about this year, These beautiful winter visitors never fail to amaze me

Water Rail

Water Rails are difficult to photograph, as they are shy birds and spend most of their time in the reed beds, but in the Winter if the loch is frozen, they will often come out onto the ice looking for places to find food.


Hoopoe: A rare visitor to Scotland While I was out and about in the highlands,  I heard about the arrival in Scotland of a rare Hoopoe,  so on the off chance, I went to try and photograph it, I was surprised to find that it was still there, and managed  to get some shots of …

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