Penny Hedge

Abi Warner

I decided that as the cases of Covid are pretty low where we are in Scotland that I wanted to go and photograph from a hide.

I chose one that is fairly local to us, so we did not have to stay anywhere, and also in an area with low Covid cases.

We chose “Penny Hedge” in Bridge of Cally, a hide I know well and love. The owners ( Sue & Mark) who are lovely people, were very conscientious and made sure that everything was clean, sterilised and covid safe.

As I have been missing my Red Squirrels so much, I aimed to spent the day photographing just the Reds. It was perfect, there must have been about 6, popping in and out regularly.

One very nice thing about Penny Hedge is that they change it around regularly, so I always know that my photos are going to be different every time I go.

I decided on this occasion to use my shorter lens, getting wide angle shots, and as the Squirrels are so confident-getting close-ups on the shorter lenses. I had few hours and of Red Squirrel heaven and over 3000 photos to go through.

Red Squirrels
Red Squirrels
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