I love photographing rocks, so as it was a clear bright day with high white cloud,
I checked the tide times and as the tide was on its way out we decided to go to Dysart beach to photograph the rocks there.
It's mostly Sandstone which is a Sedimentary rock
made up of generally sand sized mineral pieces or rock fragments
composed of Quartz and Feldspar.
The first rocks you come to are large flattish rocks on the beach and tend to be yellowish with beautiful but very subtle pattens.
As you get further along the beach the rocks get larger with different colours, patterns and textures,
from deep shades of red ridges to pale blue and yellow flat rocks to orange, purple, blue and grey patterns like the rings in a tree root.
Than you come to the huge cliff like rocks with numerous layers,
some thick and silver-grey with large jagged edges
or thin layers of countless colours.
I can never get over the beauty and it always astounds me that every rock you come to is so different from the last.
A wonderful day out.
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