Waxwings & Swans


Following a notification on rare bird alert of Waxwings locally
I decided to go out in the morning and take a look
As I arrived, there they were 5 or 6 birds in the exact location , high up in a tall tree behind a berry tree full of berries.

I am so happy to have such beautiful birds so close to where I live.
As expected every 10 minutes, one or more would fly down eat a berry or two and then back up onto the tree behind.
A number of people stopped to talk, including the guy who had posted the sighting on RBA, which was nice.

After 40 minutes of photographing them, they all went quiet and very still,
even the one Waxwing that was currently feeding, and then suddenly off they flew and landed on the top of a pine tree.
I thought it was because of a jogger, and that they would be back again,
but then I noticed a Sparrowhawk above them, and they flew again, but this time only 4.

I popped back to the same place later in the afternoon, but no sign,
I hope the Sparrowhawk has not scared the remaining 4 off for good.

We then walked a couple of minutes to the local Heron pond, which had frozen and where the two Swans that I have been photographing for the last 7 years, were standing looking frustrated, on the ice
After photographing them for a while, they started to walk across the ice towards us, looking for the food we often take to them, but as it was an unplanned visit, I did not have anything with me.


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