Birds at Penny Hedge

Abi Warner

These photos were taken at Penny Hedge hide. It was not my first visit, but I had been so impressed on my first few trips, that it has become a hide I love to visit and go to as often as I can.
It is in a lovely setting on the edge of a forest, with lots of space and great light in Bridge of Cally in Perthshire, Scotland and is owned and run by a lovely couple-Mark Johnson and Sue Demetriou.

They are very helpful, nothing is too much trouble and Sue always provides tea and delicious home baking. Her Lemon drizzle cake and choc-chip shortbread are to die for.

The hide is well placed and spacious. with plenty of space to store your camera gear and has a heater for use in the winter. There are three opening windows, with a tripod head mount in front of each and lots of different perches and a very natural background for the wildlife to land on.
A wide variety of bird and mammal come to hide at different times of day, year and season. It was a clear bright day, which brought out the colours of the birds beautifully.

I love the yellow of the Siskins and Bluey/green of the Great tits in comparison to the green background. The birds were very hungry today and were fighting over the food which allowed me to get the photos of the birds fighting.

The Woodpeckers and Jays, an often very shy bird made regular appearances and I was very happy but surprised to see a Redpoll, who came in and out a couple of times before we left.

I would recommend this hide to anybody, who loves photographing birds. It is also a fantastic hide for Red Squirrels and Pine Martins.


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